Of Language and Communication

I can still remember this post by my friend, Mai, when her son was about the same age as Yui is now (or maybe younger). She was concerned for a time because A would only say “daddy” and it took a while for him to say “mommy”. I think I was still pregnant with Yui when I read it and was amused by it. Little did I know that I would be in the same boat. Like her godbrother, Yui first stuttered “daddy”/”da da” and would not even whisper “ma ma”. I was a little bit concerned but eventually learned to just be patient. She will come to it on her own. And she did. Now, she loves to call her “da da”, “ma ma” and “pa pa” (grandpa). She calls me and her grandma “ma ma” hehe.

I was also torn between being an OC first-time mom and a laid-back cool mom every time we are discussing her language skills. I read on some sites that some kids would master or prefer one skill over the other. Yui’s motor skills look to be advanced for her age. But it seems that she’s not really in a hurry to talk. She babbles a lot though and would say a number of words, so I guess that’s nothing to really be concerned about right? Besides she doesn’t seem to show any warning signs of communication or language delay. So I guess I will just wait until she’s ready and won’t fuss over it. 🙂