Can’t wait for the weekend

Monday has just started and already I’m swamped with work. I don’t know until when this never ending surge of urgent work will end but I’m sure in time I will be back to normal.

Despite the huge mountain of tasks, I’m keeping up a positive mood because of a lot of things that I am looking forward to this week/weekend:

1. I will only have a 3-day work week. YAY!

2. My mom and dad will be visiting my brother in Singapore this Thursday so I will have to stay at home to take care of Yui. It will be their first time there and just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Too bad we can’t come with them, but I’m excited for them and can’t wait to see the pictures.

3. One of our goals for this year is to go on educational trips and nature trips, such as Manila Zoo andΒ Museo Pambata. That’s why I was so happy when Yui’s teacher at her playgroup announced that they will have a field trip at Museo Pambata. Not only is it one of the places that I would love to go to, we will also be going with Yui’s “classmates”. Afterwards, we will also have a lunch picnic at Luneta. Haha! It is nice to have these little children experience these things so that they will get to experience how it is to enjoy the simple joys of life.

start the week right…

… With this edition of Things that make me smile πŸ™‚

It was our first time to the E.R. We had to rush Yui at 2AM last Jan. 14 due to severe vomiting and we had to be admitted. After a few hours of medication, here she is — all smiles for the camera. As her titas said: “nagpanggap lang na may sakit”. It was of course horrifying to see your child sick but i’m just grateful that Yui’s immune system is strong and she fought the bacteria well.

My mom bought Yui a new coloring book when she was in the hospital. Daddy drew Yui in one of the pages and Yui reciprocated by also drawing her daddy on the other side of the page (those purple doodle on the left side, she calls it “daddy”) LOL!

water GAN. ’nuff said.

I seat by the window in our office but always had the blinds down because of the glare. One day a friend visited me, opened the blinds and took a picture of the clouds. I didn’t know I have a nice view of the Ortigas skyline. πŸ™‚

I don’t think I would run out of pictures of Yui eating. It always make me smile to see her voracious appetite. Here she is having her Goldilocks Dulce de Leche dessert which she was enjoying immensely. She can have 2 servings in one seating. πŸ™‚

And lastly, after all our hard work and late night work, we have released the new company website. I’m proud to be part of the team who worked on this site. This has been my project since I entered the company almost 7 years ago, but this by far is my most challenging task yet, in my most daring role. LOL!

Hello world,!

Goofy family and other knick knacks

Today’s edition of things that make me smile…


Little girls in pink ponies make me smile

smiley hooksFunny smiley hooks make me smile and make me want to buy them all.

lampsLamps like these will surely keep all your fears of those monsters under your bedΒ away

knobsWe just wanted to buy a door knob. And they had a “buy one take one” promo. Our reaction: “wala ba kayong door knob na hindi buy one take one?” haha! We even tried to find something without the promo but had to go home with the “free” door knob in the end.

buko pandanYui enjoying her Nathaniel’s Buko Pandan after a full dinner made me smile.

necklace daddyDaddies wearing their daughter’s necklace make me laugh out loud. πŸ˜€

Things that make me smile

Inspired by my cousin’s awesome blog that never failed to bring a smile on my face especially in my most stressful moments, I would like to try share the things that make me smile to whoever will stumble into this page. Maybe I can bring some smiles to you too πŸ™‚

playing with vanity dresser

Little 1-yr. old girls playing with vanity dressers make me smile

putting on "nail polish"

Especially if they know the purpose of the cosmetics and jewelry included in the vanity. Here, Yui puts on the pretend nail polish on her Ninang Leslie’s toes πŸ™‚


Watching Showtime live made me laugh out loud. It made my day!


This year’s Goldilocks planner is very nice. I won’t trade mine with any of the “popular coffee shop’s” planner. It made me smile to have matching planners with my friend, Ivy.


These guys made me laugh. My friend, Paul is almost the same size as our big boss Mike. Their hair styles and polo shirts can pass them off as twins. πŸ˜€


Lovebirds in the office make me smile. Especially when the husband visits us daily and brings merienda to his wifey and ME! Share the love. Share the food. πŸ™‚

2011… A fresh new start

I’m not a fan of creating new year’s resolutions but I think I would make this year different by creating one. I was inspired by the planner that I got from Goldilocks where it had spaces for “Goals for the Year” so we wrote our family goals in it. I think I would write some of mine here.

This year I would:

1. Look at life in a more positive manner. I would try to be less grumpy and grouchy. So, good luck to me! πŸ™‚

2. Find more things to be grateful for and share them to the world.

3. Share more smiles to people.

4. Hug more. It’s free πŸ™‚

5. Be more patient.

6. Catch up with friends – old and new- more.

7. Be less “laitera” and try to look for more good things about people, our country, my work and the world.

8. Read more.

9. Ask more.

10. Start with myself so we can have world peace!

Little big girl

Even with the huge mountain of work that I have right now, I still have some things that I’m grateful for. Some things to keep me sane.

One of them is this little fashionista girl. She’s growing up to be really smart and funny.

Love you to bits, Yui! πŸ™‚

Fresh New Year

This is a sore excuse of a blog, as I saw that the last entry I made was August of last year. I can’t believe how drastically my work life has changed since September. From a quiet, uneventful 9 working hours a day to a hectic, frantic 13-hour day. It has been tiring and my social (networking) life has been affected as well. Yeah, you can check my fb page and see that the activities dwindled too.

That’s why I was just so happy to be able to have that 2 weeks off during the holidays and recharge, bond with Yui and just be “domesticated”. Life can be simple and I missed that.

The new year will be more challenging at work (we plan to launch our new site soon and there are still a gazillion things to do), at home and with family. But I know we can conquer all of these and laugh at the challenges in the face. Ha!

Here’s to a bountiful and happier 2011. Cheers!!!