2011… A fresh new start

I’m not a fan of creating new year’s resolutions but I think I would make this year different by creating one. I was inspired by the planner that I got from Goldilocks where it had spaces for “Goals for the Year” so we wrote our family goals in it. I think I would write some of mine here.

This year I would:

1. Look at life in a more positive manner. I would try to be less grumpy and grouchy. So, good luck to me! 🙂

2. Find more things to be grateful for and share them to the world.

3. Share more smiles to people.

4. Hug more. It’s free 🙂

5. Be more patient.

6. Catch up with friends – old and new- more.

7. Be less “laitera” and try to look for more good things about people, our country, my work and the world.

8. Read more.

9. Ask more.

10. Start with myself so we can have world peace!

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