start the week right…

… With this edition of Things that make me smile 🙂

It was our first time to the E.R. We had to rush Yui at 2AM last Jan. 14 due to severe vomiting and we had to be admitted. After a few hours of medication, here she is — all smiles for the camera. As her titas said: “nagpanggap lang na may sakit”. It was of course horrifying to see your child sick but i’m just grateful that Yui’s immune system is strong and she fought the bacteria well.

My mom bought Yui a new coloring book when she was in the hospital. Daddy drew Yui in one of the pages and Yui reciprocated by also drawing her daddy on the other side of the page (those purple doodle on the left side, she calls it “daddy”) LOL!

water GAN. ’nuff said.

I seat by the window in our office but always had the blinds down because of the glare. One day a friend visited me, opened the blinds and took a picture of the clouds. I didn’t know I have a nice view of the Ortigas skyline. 🙂

I don’t think I would run out of pictures of Yui eating. It always make me smile to see her voracious appetite. Here she is having her Goldilocks Dulce de Leche dessert which she was enjoying immensely. She can have 2 servings in one seating. 🙂

And lastly, after all our hard work and late night work, we have released the new company website. I’m proud to be part of the team who worked on this site. This has been my project since I entered the company almost 7 years ago, but this by far is my most challenging task yet, in my most daring role. LOL!

Hello world,!

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