On Changes

They said there is nothing constant but change.

This is true especially now in our office. A lot of people has resigned and more than half of the team are new faces that I don’t recognize anymore. I can still remember about a few years ago, there are several people from the office who would be online in facebook every night and comment on each other’s status. Just making fun of each other and commenting on work issues. We started calling it the FB night club which grew up into a full blown “fan page” or a group page which we called ISOBO. There were times when every time someone would be having a birthday and we would secretly plan it — there are a lot of recipients in that e-mail. Me and my friend’s birthday are coming up and we were planning an outing for the group so we e-mailed them. And then it dawned on me…. there are only 4 people in the “To” field! I was like, “What happened!?!”

Everybody else resigned.

That is just too sad… This Monday will be the last day of one of my closest friends in the office. And it sucks. Good thing I’m on leave that day or else I might just cry.

I just keep telling myself…change is good….change is good…. and besides, these friends are still my friends even if we are working on different companies now, right? 🙂

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