The Coffee Farmhouse Experience

I was searching for a place to go for Easter Sunday and came upon The Coffee Farmhouse through the girltalk forum that I frequent a lot. I really liked the pictures posted in their site and sort of fell in love with the ambiance that it exudes in those pictures. It also helps that they have good reviews from girltalk and other blog sites when I searched in google. 🙂

Their excellent service starts with their communication. I just texted to inquire about the place and had a nice back and forth with tita Bebet, the matriarch of the place. She’s really the one answering all my questions – they’re hands on with managing the place. Since it seems to be “bitin” if we just go on a day tour for Easter, I asked for a Friday-Saturday overnight stay. Good thing that they still had available accommodations for that date (I will learn later that they are fully booked for all weekends of May). Our pre-visit transactions (SMS, voice calls, down payment deposits) were all hassle-free. So I knew we’re off to a good start 🙂

We left Manila about 6am Friday to take advantage of their early check-in policy (at para masulit ;)) and arrived around 8:30am. We were greeted warmly at the gate by Iñigo, the owners’ son and brought us to our rooms, which are located in the main house so we were near the kitchen and can smell the aroma of the food being prepared.

The Coffee Farmhouse

The Liberica house, where the main dining hall and our rooms are located.

RoomMain Door

One of our rooms and the stained glass main door. Art and antiques are everywhere. 🙂

After the morning snack, Iñigo gave us a tour of the place so that we’ll get acquainted with the facilities and amenities that they have. We are free to use anything during our stay and they have the equipments needed for the sports activities in case you would want to play and didn’t bring anything.



We’ve had a lot of fun playing outdoors in the garden and enjoying the swim, bike rides, badminton, volleyball, basketball and even the billiards and darts games. We even played scrabble and BINGO at night. So it really was a fun-filled but still a relaxing vacation.

Also, the food was great! And the servings are fit for a king. Kami na nga ang sumusuko sa dami ng handang food. It is tita Bebet herself who cooks all the food so she’s like literally in the kitchen the whole day. And since we were in a coffee farm, there was free-flowing coffee all day long. So if you love coffee, then this is the place to stay 🙂 But if not, then you won’t feel out of place too, as there are a lot of other things you could do while drinking your water 😉


Our sumptuous lunch and kapeng barako 🙂

Overall, we really had a great time at The Coffee Farmhouse. The Arenal family from tito Bert, tita Bebet and Iñigo, are very accommodating. You would really feel part of the family when you go to their place. It truly is an experience worth revisiting 🙂

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