First Weeks at the Home Room

Yui’s playgroup started at the Home Room Family and Child Center two weeks ago. The kids were able to adapt quickly to their new routine and although she’s always roaming around the room during the session, Yui always has stories to tell us every night. She would tell us about what they did at the center during the day. It is fun to hear her tell her stories, even though you will have to decipher the story from most of the babbling. 🙂

I was fortunate to be with her on her first day and it was heartwarming to see the children very attentive during the reading time. They identified the items in the pictures like umbrella and rain. Even teacher was amazed that they are now very talkative. 🙂

reading time

During their first weeks, they made a gift/card for Father’s Day and learned about the rain — they made rain drops which are now hanged as decoration at the center, umbrella made from popsicle sticks and cardboard and lots more.

necktie for Father's Dayrain drops

They even get to spray water around — they cleaned the mirror and even watered the plants. So they learned a lot and helped clean the center at the same time. Good job kids! 🙂


Aside from the playgroup, the center offers tutorials and other enrichment activities such as ballet, piano and violin lessons.

Credit to Home Room for some of the photos 🙂

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