Jeje Love

During my last trip to Cebu, I had quite a few gay laughs. Proof that there really is fun, fun, fun everywhere.

While walking back to the office after a lunch out, we spotted two *seemingly* straight guys with their arms around each other. At some point, their free hands were intertwined – so they were like holding hands and making akbay while walking. It’s so gay, I couldn’t help taking a photo! 🙂

We were tinkering with the Samsung Galaxy Tabs in the Smart Bro kiosk at the airport because our flight home was delayed. I was exploring the tablet, checking if there are any games (there aren’t) but found this photo instead. It looks like it was downloaded from a fb account. Groovy!  F*** all Haters! Yeah. LOL!

On Air

I always liked flying on airplanes so I couldn’t help taking these pictures during my flight to Cebu last Monday.

When I saw these planes, I remembered my late grandfather who worked for PAL for most of his life.

It was dawn during our take off and there were fluffy clouds in the sky every where. It was so nice I wanted to grab those clouds and eat ’em 😀

On Discipline

One thing that the hubby and I decided on even before having a family is practicing positive discipline. We wanted to instill positive behaviors to our child without resorting to spanking. Being a first-time mom, there are a lot of things that are new to me including disciplining a child. And now that Yui is a toddler, I realized that I need to be more up to speed in this area. She has a new sense of independence – being able to do things on her own now and not needing mommy and daddy every time. She also discovered how it is to “defy” her parents by saying “No!” a lot of times although it’s just funny that she would say it in a nice way “No, thank you mommy” whenever we ask her to do stuff like take a bath or take a nap.

Naptimes are one of our nightmares. Since she always wants to play and discover new things, it can be really hard to put her to sleep in the afternoon. I’ve been trying out different techniques in putting her to sleep but I still find myself sometimes losing my patience and being really upset. Whenever I’m upset though, she would then rush to me and then sing the action songs that she learned in the playgroup. She would go “Monday, Tuesday…” and then “slower, slower, slower…faster! faster! faster!” complete with actions. It takes hard concentration for me not to laugh at her antics.

I’m still finding out what is the best way to discipline our child, but we’re still committed to doing it positively. And if it needs me singing “Monday, Tuesday” with her, I will do it. 🙂