Enjoying Eastwood

I’ve never been so in love of my office location until now. Granted the GT Tower was probably the most “sosyal” building and was just a 20-minute walk from Glorietta and that Cybergate 3 was only a few steps from the MRT but Eastwood just feels the most homey and relaxed office I’ve been in. I can do more productive work here and the elevators are not as crappy as CG. It’s also a plus that hubby and I now go to work together and sometimes have dinner dates at the EW mall. But the best thing about the experience is that I can do a 30-45 minute brisk walking during lunch breaks. It feels good to walk about 1km during this short break in the day. I’m really enjoying this new office and hopes to be able to jog around the vicinity soon. 🙂

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