Learning Style

It’s amazing how we can always apply what we learn from work to our family life. Tools that you think are only useful for estimating budget deliverables can actually be used for household budgeting as well. And the people skills that I learn from my trainings can be applied to my family too.

Recently I’ve attended a seminar conducted by NLP practitioners where we were taught how to effectively communicate with our team, taking into consideration the different personalities and styles each member has. I’ve learned that people can be visual, feeler and auditory and that results that we get from them depends on how we use words that are connected with their styles. It was such a useful seminar that trying it with my team was a fun learning activity. We even taught them how to read a certain person’s communication style. It helped develop how we interact and communicate with our team.

Imagine then my amusement when I saw an article about Determining your child’s learning style. The article discusses how children have different styles of learning and processing the information depends on how they best grasp it. When I saw that children can be visual learners, auditory learners and physical learners, I was just amazed at the similarity of our communication style at work. Understanding my child’s learning style can really benefit us in terms of how we teach her.

If you’ll mention an animal to her, Yui would tell you how it sounds instead of how it looks like. Yui can now sing the songs that they usually sing at the playgroup. I just sang “Rain, rain go away” to her last week and she can now sing it until “Little Yui wants to play”. I hum the theme song from a Disney Junior show and she would immediately tell me the lead character in it. Knowing that my child is an auditory learner helps me to teach her better. I know that I can have more impact if I sing to her than show her some pictures. It might change into something else soon but for now, it is a great start. 🙂

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