Yui the Mischievous Tot

Now I can really understand the term “terrible twos”. Everyday is a tiring but fun experience thanks to our very energetic tot. Yui can be funny, naughty,  noisy one moment (she got it from me) and a cranky, impatient, noisy girl the next (she got it from her daddy haha!) Nonetheless, she seems to be always noisy! :p

Despite all the hair-pulling and exasperation, I’m still thankful that we are blessed with a healthy and beautiful child. We always have very funny moments with Yui  even though she drives us nuts sometimes. Here are some of the recent highlights in our household:

  • She can climb up the stairs really fast. You only have a second to react and the next thing you know, she’s already on top of the stairs.
  • Whenever we catch her at the bottom of the stairs though, she would just sit there and say that she’s just resting. Daming palusot!
  • She would eventually sit quietly in a corner and our discussion will go like this:
Yui: Me rest here. I’m tired.
Mommy: Why are you tired? What did you do?
Yui: Watch TV. Play toys. *sighs heavily*
Mommy (in my head): Wow ha, nakakapagod nga yan!
  • She loves to tease us every time.
Scene 1:
Grandma: Yui, please share your cupcake with grandma
Yui: Mommy, want some? (shoving the cupcake to me)
Mommy: share with grandma
Yui: Daddy, you want some?
Yui: Kuya Duke, you want some?
So she shares it with everybody but grandma
Scene 2:
Grandpa: Bye Yui!
Yui: Bye Kuya Duke! Bye grandma!
Says goodbye to everyone but grandpa. LOL! Then she would look sideways to her grandpa with a mischievous smile on her face.
She’s one naughty girl but her mischief only makes the house happier. 🙂

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