Single Mom

Yes, that’s what I jokingly call myself these days. Daddy bunny is in Japan for work and will be there for 3 weeks. It isn’t that long really, since I’ve been in Cebu last July for 2 weeks. And Yui doesn’t know how far away Japan is compared to Cebu. 🙂

It’s his first business trip ever given that all the other planned trips before didn’t push through (US, Canada and Italy). I’m really excited for him since we want to visit Japan someday. If I only have the moolah, I would go while he’s there too. Haha!

It’s so nice to hear Yui say “Japan” when asked where her dad is. When we went to Japan Home last Saturday, she asked “where’s daddy?” She probably thought her daddy is there because she heard Japan. It’s already a week after daddy left and I can see how Yui misses him. When we were at my in laws last weekend, Yui shouted “Daddy Eben!” when she saw her tito Joey (he does look like daddy bunny :)). She wouldn’t let go of her tito Joey the whole afternoon. She would also randomly say “daddy, come home tomorrow?” followed by “bring my toys and artwork” hehehe!

For a few more days, we will just rely on Skype and will just wait for his return before we can finally hug him again. 🙂

skypeYui took a picture of our Skype session last night.

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