Life Lessons You Get from the Potty

Almost 2 months since we’ve started on the potty journey, I can say that we got into the groove fairly easily and everybody just joined in the fun. Through the entire process, I’ve realized that potty training can teach you pretty solid life lessons. And as we continue with this journey, we just have to always keep an open mind and enjoy the show.

Here are five things that I learned from potty training my baby bunny:

1. When they’re ready, they’re ready.

I’ve read the “signs that your child is ready for potty training” guide but we still tried to train her a few months back. She doesn’t know what the heck was the potty for and would pee in her panties without batting an eyelash. Fast forward to September when Yui can say “poo poo” even if meant wiwi. At least she’s telling us when she wants to go. Then it evolved to “wiwi” and “poo poo” until finally she both did number 1 & 2 in her potty. She’s definitely ready this time.

In life, we do things that are sometimes “forced fed” into us, thinking that we are ready for that responsibility. Oftentimes, people might just react negatively to that and will not perform the duty properly because deep inside, they are not yet ready. If we wait for that person to warm up with the idea and prepare emotionally for the duty, then we might have better results. No wailing and no accidents.

2. Consistency is key.

I noticed that we had greater success when everybody’s on the same page. Everybody knows where the potty is and guides Yui to it whenever she asks us. Whoever is with her at the moment knows what to do. It’s easier, more consistent and successful.

Say, just like in our everyday life. Our performance at work gets better and better if we are consistent with the output that we deliver. By consistently practicing, we create champions.

3. Laugh in the face of adversity. Or “accidents”.

After days in her panties at home and a successful 1-hr Burger King dinner, we thought she is ready to go to school without her nappies. Performance anxiety might have gotten into her as she pooped in her panties during class and then afterwards in the grocery she peed in the cart (good thing they were at the carpeted section). We just shook it off, laughed at the experience and then tried again.

As they say, “Don’t take life seriously”. Which is true in life. If we just keep our cool, then there will be world peace. 🙂

4. You get to save money. Or do you really?

A lot of people rejoice at a successful potty training since this will free them from buying diapers. SAVINGS! YAY! But as our pile of laundry include the little one’s panties and our purchase of tissue paper increased (we teach her to wipe after),  it got me thinking if we’re really saving on money or just splurge on other things? Sure, we still get savings on the nappies but don’t forget that we will still spend money on laundry detergent and tissue paper. Good thing is everyone in the house does the laundry so we just add in her panties to ours. Not really wasting money on that.. 😀

In life, you have to be prepared for your expenses. Not because you got a discount on a purchase means you really saved money. What if we bought a ref at a bargain price but has to spend on maintenance and repairs frequently? What if you bought that nice dress at a markdown sale but got to use it only once because it shrunk horrendously when you washed it? Really, it’s about saving smart and not just saving big.

5. You will never understand how wonderful it is to see poop (in a potty) until you’re a parent.

I’m guilty of taking a snapshot of Yui’s first poop in her potty. That’s just how excited I am when she first said “poo poo” holding her butt then ran to the potty. Really. You will never understand the excitement of it until you become a mom or a dad. Poopies are awesome!

Okay, so how do I really relate this to my life? Let’s just say that there are a lot of things we take for granted in our everyday life. Like, we never really appreciate the basic needs like electricity and water until our homes are submerged in knee-deep flood and we’re out of both electricity and drinking water. We should learn to appreciate the little things in our life. Like poop. Poopies are awesome! 😀

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