January Yui-isms

2 years and 9 months old. Wow, three months to go and we’ll say goodbye to the “Terrible Twos” stage! Isn’t life grand? 🙂

Our household is in eternal loud broadcast having a very talkative toddler that is almost always awake. And to welcome the new year, here are the most recent Yui-isms that we’ve been constantly hearing the past few days:

Out of the blue, Yui had a habit that whenever she faces a mirror (anywhere with a full-body mirror, including the elevators), she would place both arms in her waist, tilt her head sideways and say: “I’m sexy!”  (this really cracked us up prompting even her grandmothers and aunts to copy her signature pose while saying I’m sexy)

In the playgroup, their current lesson is about community helpers. Teacher asked them “what do you want to do want to be when you grow up?” Yui unabashedly answered: “PRINCESS!” while wearing the princess cape costume that they have in school. Wow, if only Prince William and Princess Kate would have a baby boy and our family moves to London, then we might have a 0.01% chance of making this come true. Right? I asked her the same question at home and she’s consistent with her answer. We all have that “first dream career” or the answer to the “what to do you want to be when you grow up?” question, and the usual answer would be doctor, astronaut, lawyer or police. Mine was a flight attendant and my daughter’s a princess. I guess our brood really is different. 🙂

We try to make her a healthy eater and refrain from giving her softdrinks as much as we can. Last night during dinner, she asked if she can have a coke and we said no. Then she reasoned, “But grandma gave me coke last night!” Haha! Grandma was caught red-handed! Although she said it was a really really tiny bit. Good thing, Yui didn’t insist when we said that grandma just forgot that she can’t have a coke. She enjoyed her water after that. Whew, tantrum averted! 🙂

I’ve read that two year olds start to love pretend play and I can attest to this. I guess it started a few months back and has escalated the past weeks. Yui’s favorite game is to play pretend, she would be the mommy and I will be the baby. She would feed me milk, sing me to sleep and read me books. And with her love of the Supa Strikas show, she even changes our names with that of the Supa Strikas. She’ll call herself Shakes, I’ll be El Matador and daddy is Twisting Tiger. These are really fun times and very cheap game to play. So win-win to all of us 🙂

When her grandma came home from Zamboanga and gave her an umbrella, which is a gift from Mamuh Wella, she was really excited and even said “the umbrella is so cute!”

Yui even showed it off to her aunts that came to visit.

yui's umbrella

And yesterday, the nicest thing just happened. As her grandma was texting:

Yui: Who you texting someone, grandma?

Grandma: I’m texting Mamuh Wella

Yui: Please tell her thank you for giving me the umbrella

Aww…. things like these just melts my heart. It makes me think that there is hope for the future of mankind and that children these days can still have the goodness that we, people, once had. 🙂

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