IPL: Take Two!

Three weeks after my first IPL session, I went back to Skin Metro for the next session. In between that period, I’ve noticed some changes already. I’ve read from some feedback online that you can notice improvements to your underarms around the 4th session so I was pleasantly surprised to see some changes even only after the first session. I think it’s mostly because I have super fine hair and that the changes differ from person to person.

On the second session, they increased the level of the IPL and informed me that it will continuously increase  as we progress with the treatment in order to have better results. It wasn’t painful although I noticed that the light really increased as I can see the flashing of the light despite wearing the eye cover. This time I got 12 clicks on each underarm, which was better than other clinics I’ve read online. 🙂

The hair removal treatment seems to be working as there’s an improvement from the first session results and this latest one. Hopefully, the results will continue to be good in the next sessions.

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