I’ve only been to Daddy Bunny’s hometown in Pangasinan once ever since we’ve been together. We brought his sisters and our then 1+ yr. old Yui last 2010. She was just learning how to walk then and until now she enjoys watching her video in Manaoag walking and running with her Dora balloon. It was a fun trip and I’m looking forward to more trips there so that Yui can also experience her tita’s childhood playground.

The Bunny Family at the park


“Bayanihan sa Lalawigan ng Pangasinan”


Enjoying the view of the ocean waves 

Ocean view

That’s why when my mother-in-law said that we’re invited to Daddy Bunny’s cousin’s wedding, we got excited. To top it off, they invited Yui to be a flower girl. It will be her first time to be a flower girl and the little one was so excited when she learned about it. As early as January, she would practice her “walk” at home and would always remind her titas of the trip.

I can’t believe that the long-awaited trip is this weekend already. It seemed to be so far away before. We’re supposed to be super excited for the trip already but we can’t just be 100% into it since the little one’s got a stomach flu and is still under medication. Hopefully, she will be better by tomorrow and will endure the long road trip. I just hope my little girl will have the strength to walk the aisle tomorrow afternoon. 🙂

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