Run For Your Life

I like jogging since I was small. I still vividly remember my Sunday jogging moments with my pops at UST when I was about 6 years old. He would teach me the difference between “derecha” (right) and “izquierda” (left) as we make our turns at the Lovers’ Lane and around the open field. I’m not a hardcore runner though so I would just occasionally go for a morning run up until college. I guess it was partly because I love sleeping more so I would prefer sleeping in than getting up to run. 😉

My interest in running (or in reality: jogging/brisk walking) came back last year when I was in Cebu with my friend. We would jog around Ayala near our office after work together with some of our team mates. Earlier this year I started jogging weekly and saw some good results after a month. I lost weight and became interested in the sport again.

Recently, we discovered the Sunday UP oval run. Together with our college friends, our family would  rise at 5:30am to jog at UP by 6am. It is an early start for us, especially Yui, but it’s a good opportunity to bond as a family so why not? 🙂 I’m so proud of Yui for being able to jog/walk one round of the oval at her age. Aside from fitness, our goal is to also take her closer to nature and let her experience playing and running wild with trees and butterflies around.

These trees bring a fresh change to our scenery and help us teach Yui to appreciate mother nature. Jogging also is a good family bonding activity…and it’s free too! 🙂

Joggers around nature

After jogging around the oval, we would cool down at the Engineering building steps and do some laps up and down these stairs. It’s also a good bonding session between Yui and her ninang Jen. Now, she’s not shy around her anymore. 🙂

Stairs exercise


I’m looking forward to run for our lives and hope to continue this activity to be able to raise a healthy and happy child. 🙂

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