Happy 3rd Birthday Yui!

Dear Yui,

Three years ago at about this time, I was in bed timing my contractions. It wasn’t so painful but it was regular enough that I called my OB. As I went for a check up in the hospital, I wasn’t able to come out of the labor room anymore. I was already in labor! 7 hours laters, the most wonderful thing happened. You were born. 🙂 I couldn’t put into words how happy and grateful I am in having you. You bring so much joy, headaches and fun into this family since you were born. The headaches, especially now. 😉

As a first time mom, I was ignorant in a lot of ways but you taught me in the process and made me feel that we are all in this together (cue: High School Musical dancing teens here). As a baby, you were on the shy side. You would cry when other people carried you and just wanted to stay with people that you are most familiar with (in Filipino, they said nangingilala kang talaga). Despite this, you were a happy baby as you’re growing up and was most happy when you discovered the wonderful world of eating! Feeding you was never a battle. You would eat anything (except papaya) when you were a baby and is not picky with your food until now (except eggs and cheese).

When you joined the playgroup, you were still the shy baby and would just keep to yourself during the sessions. As you grow up with your playgroup friends, you develop into the friendly and playful toddler that we now know. From the shy and aloof baby that you once were, you’ve grown up into the playful, cheerful and noisy toddler. We’re always amazed at how your skills developed. The most common comment for you this time would be: “Dati inaantay natin kung kailan siya magsasalita. Ngayon inaantay natin kung kailan siya titigil magsalita” That’s how talkative you are now! 🙂

You’re not as shy as before. Imagine our surprise when you performed enthusiastically during your last Moving Up program. I was so teary eyed when I was watching you sing Tomorrow. You were practicing that at home and memorized the lyrics so I knew that you really liked that song. I was just not sure if you would perform it on stage. But you did. With flying colors! You love to sing a lot, even composing your own songs including a playgroup theme song “Come on, let’s go and join the playgroup. It’s fun to play in the playgroup”. I hope that you will continue to love music and would grow up to be the artist that you can be. 🙂

As you turn 3 today, I would just like to say that the past 3 years was not easy. But we get by with a smile (cue Eraserheads here). I would never get tired of saying how thankful I am to have you. Happy Birthday, my dear Yui. I hope you have a blast today!


I love you so much,

Mommy Anna

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