Diary of a Working Mommy Bunny

Being a working mom is not easy. Regardless if you have a full-time 8-5 office job, a flexible work arrangement or a work at home mom, juggling work and family is never easy. It is but natural maternal instinct to take care of your family after work, on rest days or even when you’re at work. Despite the sacrifices and adjustments we have to do to make ends meet, I still find joy in having a full time job.

Prior to motherhood, I didn’t even think that parenting and team leading are alike in so many ways. Maybe it’s just me but I find it amusing that my style in dealing with my team works well even with Yui. 🙂



When there’s conflict between resources, we try to meet in the middle to find a win-win situation for both parties. Almost always, there is something that will be acceptable for everyone. Same goes when dealing with a hard-headed tot. Trying to find a middle ground works wonders in keeping peace in the house. My all-time  favorite example would be bathing. I want her to take a bath now. She’s busy playing. I ask her to bring her toy (just ensure that it’s plastic) to the bathroom and “wash” it because it’s dirty. She bathes. She plays. Win-win. 🙂


Reward good behavior instead of punishing the bad. Most of the time.

I make sure that whenever there’s something missed in deliverables or a mistake is done, the lesson is taught to them. I try my best to be firm yet civilized. As a parent, we don’t spank our child as punishment. We tell her the mistake in a stern, loud voice and sometimes give her a time out. Just as I don’t shout and embarrass my team in front of everyone. I also believe that rewarding or just simply acknowledging good behavior helps build a more adept individual and in the long run create a more harmonious relationship between us. I want them to grow up with high self esteem, knowing that they did something good, and in return give more to the team or the family.


Foster independence.

When I was starting out as a team lead a few years ago, I had a hard time delegating tasks to my teammates. Call it trust issue, but if I don’t see you skilled for it, I won’t entrust it in your hands. As I grow into the role though and eventually have a little one to “lead” at home, I learned that you have to sometimes take a leap of faith. There are things that you have to let them handle by themselves. By doing it on their own, they learn. They may make mistakes along the way, but they will learn. The important thing is that I’m there to guide them when they need it.


Life is a continuous learning process so my knowledge and techniques in dealing with my team and my family won’t end here. I’m sure there will be other styles that will work both at the office and at home.


Do you have any tips for raising children and “raising” a team? 🙂

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