Spelling Bee

Ever since I brought home an alphabet poster as pasalubong for Yui, our journey to learning the letters took a huge leap.

Alphabet poster

With her eagerness to learn the “alphabex” (this is how she calls the poster), she became more familiar with the letters and can now identify most of it. She’s also starting to know how to spell some words.

These days, you can hear everyone especially the little one spell out words left and right. Some of Yui’s favorites are:

B-A-B-Y…. Baby!

Y-O-Y-O… Yoyo!

T-O-Y… Toy!

C-R-Y… Cry! (sometimes, she will say CRYING hehe)

A-N-N-A… Anna!

and the all-time favorite

Y-U-I… Yui! 🙂


She even loves sending chat and text messages to her daddy, uncle AC, tita Gabe and Bai Glo. They will know that it’s her when the message would just be “Yui:)” or any of our names. Sometimes it would even be “yuuuuuuiiiiiiiii”. 🙂


One time during a long drive from the province, we were killing time by spelling her words and this is how our conversation went:

Mommy: Spell baby

Yui: B-A-B-Y. Baby.

All: Wow!

Mommy: Spell toy

Yui: T-O-Y. Toy.

All: *clap clap* very good!

Mommy: Spell yoyo

Yui: (with conviction) T-O-Y. Yoyo! 

Hahaha! Ayun lang. Memorized!


Despite this, we still continue having fun and learning new letters along the way. Hopefully in a few years, I’ll have a spelling bee champ. Hehe! 🙂


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