Our First Banapple Experience

Despite living in a very busy area, teeming with restaurants left and right, it’s very seldom for us to venture and eat out as we would normally just stay at home especially Sundays. So it’s not surprising that I’ve never been to Banapple. For me, Sunday brunch is a great time to go and experience what the kitchen has to offer.  I guess not only me but a lot of people feel the same way, seeing that the place was jam-packed when we arrived a little past 10 am.

Banapple has a homey appeal with its interior decor and lighting fixtures. It reminds me of country side homes that I used to see in magazines. The only downside I noticed is that their aircon units are not strategically placed. It keeps on blowing really cold air to the diners. So our food also gets cold really fast. Maybe they’re challenged with the little floor area, that’s why.

We ordered a lot for a group of 6 and really had a hard time walking after. We were so full! 🙂 The first to be served are our drinks. Yui became our official drinks taster as she sipped from the Banapple smoothie, homemade Iced Tea and Iced Choco. Her vote went to the Iced tea. If I was eating the pancake only, I might have finished my Banapple smoothie but I had some Banapple salad, longanisa with caramelized onions, pancakes and chips. So I only drank about half of the smoothie.

Everyone had a great time sampling the dishes and picking out the baked goodies to bring home. Speaking of goodies, the glazed almond and carrot loaf and cookie fudge crinkles were also such a treat. Surely, it was a fun gastronomic experience at Banapple. Not bad for a first-timer. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Our First Banapple Experience

    • Love their penne pasta! The lasagna is good and very filling too. Their cakes are so yumm… Banoffee, reese pie, apple pie and honey crunch cake. To die for! ❤ gotta try the pancakes soon.

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