The Joys and Pains of Condo Living

Who doesn’t want to have a house with a huge backyard where you can set up a barbecue picnic and where your children can play and build a tree house? I would definitely love that! Early on in our relationship, Daddy Bunny and I wanted to have a house as well but as we build our family, living in a condo started to have an appeal to us. We weighed our options and in the end we decided that driving 2-3hrs from up north or down south to our office in the metro will eat up a lot of our time. So here we are now, living several floors above sea level.

After 2 years of living in a “box”, I’m still in a love-hate relationship with condo living. I’ve listed down some of the things that I love and hate about our place:

The Good

1. Location. Right now, condos mushroomed everywhere and try to make it convenient to dwellers by building near key areas around the metro. There are condos right outside MRT stations, malls, and business districts. Ours is just a 5-minute jeepney ride from the MRT, a 10-minute drive to the great north malls and with restaurants and “gimik” places on our street.

2. Everything within reach. Condos also offer different features and amenities to attract homeowners. One of the things that I like about our place is that I only have to go down and I can do a lot of things – have coffee with my loved ones, do the grocery, transact in the bank, sing my heart out in the karaoke, or have my eyes checked by “Dr. Eyes”.

Establishments just an elevator ride away

Establishments just an elevator ride away

3. Friends abound. I heard somewhere that condo dwellers live too close to each other but still they don’t know their neighbors. Good for us, we met very good people that became our friends. Most of them we met through Yui’s playgroup and the bonding became stronger as days go by and our kids grow bigger. There are several times when Yui’s teachers came to the families’ rescue. One time, lola Joy (Yui’s classmate’s lola) had a mild stroke and there were only her and the grandson at home. She called her daughter at the office who in turn called teacher Pia. Teacher Pia arrived immediately with her husband and together they helped bring lola Joy to the hospital. We all feel lucky to have each other. 🙂

The Bad

1. Security. There are a lot of reported home robbery since we came here and we even know some of the victims personally. Given that there are a lot of possible exits in the building and even if they deploy A LOT of guards in the area, it really is difficult to stop the crime. We also think that some of these goons’ MO is to rent out a unit so that they just have to bring their loot in their home. Scary!

2. Discipline. Some people are just irresponsible. Sometimes I pity the building administrators because no matter how hard they try to educate the people, there are still those that don’t follow. In our corridor alone, several neighbors just leave their garbage outside their door even if the garbage chute is only a few steps away. Some would even leave their garbage outside the chute’s door. Like duh, how hard is it to open that damn door and put your trash inside? Really?!?! And even if there’s a BIG NOTE, people still defy it. Tsk. Tsk.

Mga Pasaway

Mga Pasaway

3. Construction Noise. As units around us get constructed,  sometimes the noise is just too much. Babies wake up from their sleep from all the loud noise and the dust coming out of the opened door cause asthma on some of the kids as well.

The Verdict

Although sometimes I get high blood from our neighbor’s trash and other pain in the neck that living here can bring, I’m still happy with our place.  Maybe someday we can still get that house and lot but today, condo living is enough. I feel lucky to have my family and friends close by and a roof on my head.

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