Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

I came across the Daily Post blog just recently and spent the whole week thinking if I should join the Weekly Photo Challenge. I wanted my first time to be special so I kept thinking of what to post for that week’s challenge. I ended up thinking too long that the theme changed. Ha!

Then I saw this week’s photo challenge which is PURPLE. You see, purple is not really my favorite color but as the little one grows up, the color just stuck with our family. Yui has a lot of purple things and clothes because I think sometimes pink is just too much and too girly. Purple is just right. It’s cute but not too flashy. Eventually, when Yui started expressing her likes and dislikes, she just decided that her favorite color is PURPLE.

I wanted my first post in the weekly challenge to be special and what best way to join than posting a photo of my little girl in her favorite color, purple. 🙂

My little purple girl

The Little One

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