Countdown to the Thirteenth: 13 Days

In our culture, the number 13 is seen as a bad omen. There’s Friday the 13th and even buildings eliminating the 13th floor label. I was never a believer of these and now I have even more reason to love the number 13.

In 13 days, our daddy bunny will be coming home from his 2-month stint in the U.S. Surely, a lot of people will say that 2 months is not THAT long and technically, it isn’t. But in our household, where time is high priority, 2 months is two long months.

To say that we’re excited for his homecoming is an understatement. On several occasions, Yui would just call out to her daddy out of the blue. Whenever she’s not feeling well, she would call for daddy as well. When daddy went on a 4-week Japan trip, Yui can’t stop hugging and touching him when we fetched him from the airport. I can just imagine how she would react after missing him for 2 months.

Anyway, to kill some time while waiting for daddy, Yui and I are just doing silly things everyday. And to countdown daddy’s arrival, I’d post some of the silliest moves that we’ve been doing the past weeks.

Can’t wait for the 13th! 

13 Days

13 Days: We will party when you come home, daddy. Here’s my party girl badge and hat all ready!

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