Countdown to the Thirteenth: 12 Days

While Daddy Bunny is away, Yui established a deep connection with Grandma’s ipad. She learned to manipulate Youtube and found videos that she keeps watching over and over again. For today’s countdown, I listed down 12 of Yui’s favorite Youtube videos (which she all found by herself).

12. Dora The Explorer – Ballet Adventure – She used to watch a lot of Dora but now even though we don’t play Dora episodes anymore, she still found Dora in Youtube. First love never dies?

11. Team Umizoomi – Crazy Skates – She would request me to search for team umizoomi and then play this video from all the search results

10. Play Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe – Yui loves this commercial. Good thing she doesn’t throw a tantrum when she asks us to bring out her play doh ice cream shop (we kept it away until she’s older)

9. Make Gummy Candy at Home – Don’t know what’s captivating about this, but Yui just love watching the clip

8. Mini Microwave Oven – Because she has one, she can relate with the video

7. Dora Kitchen – Dora + Kitchen = love

6. Barbie I Can Be Ballet – Another one of those toys that she just loves to watch. I’m so thankful that she’s contented with just watching and doesn’t ask us to buy it for her 🙂

5. Disney Princess 2-in-1 Ballgown Surprise – Who doesn’t love the disney princesses?

4. Baby Gizmo Disney Princess Ultimate doll house – She likes watching toy review videos and this is one of those

3. Baby Bathing Game for little kids Gameplay – She feels like she’s also playing the game

2. Baby Born Look Mommy I Can Swim – Yui was obsessed with this toy for some time and even asked Daddy Bunny to buy this for her. Luckily, it seems that she’s forgotten all about it by now. 🙂

1. Polly Pocket – Friends Finish First – currently the most played video of all time. She doesn’t get tired of this at all. Even the intro theme keeps playing in my head.

That’s Yui’s Top 12 Youtube videos of June-August.

12 Days

12 Days: Yui and her numbers

We can’t wait for the 13th! 🙂

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