Countdown to the Thirteenth: 8 Days

Yui loves to sing and during the time that daddy’s away, she learned new songs by herself. Nobody taught her the songs. Nobody taught her the lyrics. She just heard them and then can sing along. I don’t know what song I’m more amazed that she can sing. The LSS-inducing Call Me Maybe or the old-school Love of my Life.


That’s Yui taking on Scorpions. She first heard it at Mamuh’s phone then shocked mamuh when Yui sang along.


The other shocker was when Yui sang Call Me Maybe at grandma’s birthday party. We don’t play that song at home. At All. When we asked where she learned it, she just said “At the grocery.”


In other news, UST Tigers won over DLSU Archers in double overtime yesterday. Melo Afuang, UST’s #8, finished with 8 pts.

There’s only 8 days to go before daddy’s home, can’t wait for him to see Yui’s performances live and watch UAAP games together. 🙂

8 Days: UST wins over DLSU

8 Days: UST’s Afuang (#8) was one of the guys that carried the Tigers to victory in 2OT vs. the Archers yesterday

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