Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is Growth. The first thing that came in my mind was Yui’s developmental growth. Out of all her milestones, I’m proudest of how she grew from a shy toddler into a babbling and inquisitive little girl. There are a lot of factors for this of course but I think one of the biggest is when she joined the Home Room playgroup.

March 2011

Moving up 2011

Moving Up Program 2011: A shy girl just standing on the side of the stage

March 2012

Moving up 2012

Moving Up Program 2012: Yui surprised everyone as she performed in front with the group

We wanted her to improve on her social skills and she joined the playgroup at 1 yr and 8 months as a shy, quiet girl. After 3 months, she was at the Moving Up program but was just standing on the side and with either mommy or daddy beside to guide her. In that Moving Up 2011, she got a “Most Observant” award. That was her personality then – just on the side, observing everybody and then tell all the stories from the playgroup when she gets home.

One year later, she surprised everyone when she performed all the songs in their Moving Up 2012 program. When they sang “Tomorrow”, she was in front at the middle and was singing wholeheartedly with all the actions. I couldn’t help but get teary eyed. Seeing how my little one has grown to be a confident child. This year, she got a “Most Inquisitive” award. It just shows how much she’s grown from the observant, quiet toddler into the inquisitive child that she is now.

Surely, the growth of our child/ren will always make any parent proud. And I am the proudest mom there is. ๐Ÿ™‚

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