Countdown to the Thirteenth: 6 Days

This is such a depressing day to do the countdown. I’m in such loss of words that I can’t think of any other topic aside from the calamity. The heavy rains and the flood all over Metro Manila are just heartbreaking.

With torrential rains inflicting the metro since yesterday afternoon, we feared that this will be yet another “Ondoy“. Since early morning, I’ve been online monitoring the flooded areas, auditing team resources (mine and daddy bunny’s since he can’t text from the US), and reaching out to friends and family. Living in the higher floors meant that I can’t immediately see what’s happening outside or how really hard the rain’s falling. Thank goodness for social media, we are updated all the time.

One of the greatest help since yesterday is the MMDA twitter account. The team continuously updates everyone on flooded areas and traffic situation around the metro. Ms. Noemi Dado also tweeted these photos of floods in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Through this latest calamity, you would again see how Filipinos are willing to help others despite the calamity hitting their homes and families as well. Kudos to the rescue teams and places that helped give shelter to the affected families and pets.

Rescue Operations
Rescue Operations

They say the rains are to continue this evening until tomorrow and with this we should all be prepared. This image of the hotline numbers are from my facebook timeline. For our reference.

Emergency Hotlines


Hopefully, the rains would stop soon and that there won’t be another round next week when Daddy bunny comes home. 😐


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