Future Blogger?

Constantly amazed is an understatement when it comes to Yui’s daily antics. Her communication skills have increased tremendously and we can’t help but be pleasantly surprised with her sentences and grammar. “Who am I going to shower with?” was one of the things she recently mentioned that amazed us. Now, she also can articulate her feelings instead of just throwing a tantrum. To illustrate, a funny thing happened tonight while I was washing the dishes.


Yui saw that I tore one page from my notebook and since she wrote her name on that piece of paper, she was upset when she saw that I tore it out. Being that she was “typing” in notepad prior to seeing what I’ve done, she brought her attention back to the laptop upon getting mad at me. She was saying her thoughts out loud while typing and it goes something like this:


I’m mad at mommy because she tore my paper. I was behaving when I was at ate Danielle’s house. I did not hurt her. I’m mad at mommy.


Blogging her feelings

Okay, the first and last sentences were affirmation of how she was feeling at that moment. And I admired her for being able to express this out loud. The middle thoughts are just way out of the current topic. LOL! She was at Danielle’s this morning and promised us that she will just behave so we can leave her there alone. She might have remembered this when she was mad at me. I don’t know 😛


I took a look at what she typed and totally laughed when I saw it. Might this be a sign that Yui got the blogging genes as well? 🙂

Yui's "blog"

Yui’s “blog”


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