Travel Theme: Foliage

I received an invite from Ailsa for a travel theme on Foliage and decided to join in the fun. There’s nothing refreshing than seeing nature around us. Beautiful trees and flowers are rare in this city where I live so it’s always nice to see a different scenery.

When Daddy Bunny went on his trips, he got several shots of nature. Here are some of my favorite shots from his most recent trips.

Seeing this picture of the Meiji Shrine reminded me of the Japanese doramas I’ve watched and I can almost smell the fresh scent of the leaves all around.

Meiji Shrine, Japan

Meiji Shrine, Japan

Daddy bunny was in California just in time to see some great blooms. Out of all his shots, this is my favorite. The simple leaf with a heart shape brings some peace whenever I look at it. And also, you wouldn’t expect a simple plant box in the middle of the park to have this amazing “love plant”.

Leaves of Love

San Francisco, California, USA

Of course, nothing beats some local scenery. On our trip up north to Pangasinan, we passed by SCTEX and can’t help but basked in the beautiful landscape on both sides of the expressway. Sunset + rice fields = perfect moment 🙂

SCTEX, Tarlac

SCTEX, Tarlac

Truly, images of nature at its finest will always make anyone feel good anytime of the day. 🙂

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