Travel Theme: Bright

I had a really hard time with the spooky theme (maybe I don’t want to feel all spooky) but this week’s travel theme is so mommy bunny 🙂

On a halloween hangover mode, these bright and fun monsters were created by my cousin using recycled toilet paper rolls, felt and lots of imagination. They were used as “pins” in the kids’ bean bag toss game during the halloween party. 🙂

Bright Monster


Colorful bags and purses made from recycled materials are being sold at a hotel in Pangasinan, Philippines. “Signature bags. More fun in the Philippines.”

Pangasinan Bags


This neon blue pathway was one of the things that I really liked at Costa de Leticia Resort in Alegria, Cebu. It made me want to dance the night away!

Neon pathway


Who says Pimp my ride is only good for cars? Buses also look good in colors and graffiti 🙂

Fun Bus


Finally, these umbrellas made my stay at Costa de Leticia really one of a kind. I love the little details that they put into their resort. 🙂


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