Homework #2: Recycled Pets

On the week before the Halloween break, Yui’s teacher gave out their second homework. It was sort of challenging and will require team work. The instructions were for them to think of what they want for a pet. It can be a real pet (dog, cat, etc) or an imaginary one (dog with wings, swimming cat). The whole family will then have to create a 3D version of that pet using recycled materials such as loose cloth, cotton balls, toilet paper roll and others.

Picking what pet to do is a no-brainer. I even felt that I didn’t have to explain it in the “How did you come up with this pet?” field in the assignment form. When asked what she wants, Yui immediately hopped excitedly and yelled “bunny!” Need I say more? 🙂

I searched the web for ideas on how to build our bunny. Good thing, the bunny is very popular as there are a lot of sites for easter bunny crafts. However, I don’t have felt and other materials that I saw in the online instructions. I was supposed to make our bunny using toilet paper roll but then remembered Yui’s old bunny socks.

Bunny socks

Yui’s old bunny socks

I dug up the old socks from Yui’s cabinet and we started making our bunny. Yui enthusiastically placed the cotton inside the socks and picked the cotton buds to be used for the bunny’s legs. It was so easy to do that I even felt a tinged of guilt for not having to spend too much effort on the homework. Well it called for recycled materials and the old sock is recycled so technically, it is still a valid assignment, right?

Here’s our finished Bunny Pet Model:

The Bunny

To make the bunny pet model:

1. Get an old sock with a bunny face design.

2. Stuff the sock with cotton until desired size.

3. Sew the ends of the sock together to close the stuffed cotton inside.

4. Stick on a cotton ball at the back just where you sew it to make the bunny tail and to hide the sewing threads as well. You can use glue gun or in my case I just used double sided tape and then sew it with some white thread.

5. Cut 2 pieces of cotton buds into half, making 4 small cotton sticks.

6. Carefully cut a small hole at the bottom of the bunny and place the cotton bud. Repeat for all 4 cotton buds. This will make the bunny’s legs.

7. Secure the cotton buds by gluing them to the sock. Since I don’t have a glue gun, I just sew the sock and the cotton bud together which also closes any open space in the hole.

And that’s it. You have your very own bunny pet! 🙂


Assignment complete!

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