A Step Closer

One of my dreams is to become a pre-school teacher. That’s why whenever there’s an opportunity to help in Yui’s playgroup, I do not hesitate to help out. One time I was a teacher assistant and tried my best to help out everyone and not just focus on Yui. It was challenging so I really appreciate all those teachers that can teach their children together with other children in a class.

For the Christmas program, Yui’s teacher reached out to me to teach the ballet girls one of their dances for the program. Wow, teaching pre-school girls and dancing. Two of the things I like. Cool!

Last Saturday, I tried out the steps with Yui and taught her the dance. It was fun trying it out with her and seeing that the steps are doable.

Today was the first day of our practice at the center and it was a good experience to be teaching something to little kids even if it is just a dance. I’m still so far from that dream but today I was a step closer. 🙂

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