Christmas Gifts 2012

In our continuous effort to go green during the holidays, this year we went brown. Brown bags, that is. Last year we used old magazine clippings to wrap presents and thought of something different for this year but still much more eco-friendly than the Christmas wrappers being sold.

Since we have lots of extra brown bags from our office Halloween trick or treat, I decided to use these to wrap this year’s presents. Out came my handy dandy scrapbook box, some loose construction paper and ribbons.

Personalized gift cards and ribbons

Personalized gift cards and ribbons

It was actually easier this year than the magazine clippings of last year since all we have to do is just put in the gifts inside the brown bags, fold and put in a ribbon together with the gift card and viola! A Christmas gift! 🙂

Brown bag gifts

Brown bag gifts

The only tricky part this year was wrapping big presents. I had bags and organizers ready for wrapping and didn’t know how to wrap them. With these, we re-used paper bags from old gifts or reusable bags. It was oh so easy to wrap them too! I would say, this year’s gift wrapping was simple, painless and fun!

Our little Santa with the presents

Our little Santa with the presents

I wonder how will we wrap the presents next year? Hmmm… I still have 363 days to think about it! 😉


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