On Teamwork

Yui is an avid Disney Jr. fan but she sometimes watches Nickelodeon and knows the characters and shows as well (Dora, anyone?) There was a time when she and her aunties have been singing the Wonderpets‘ song all the time. Wherever they go, they would belt out, “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” over and over again.

What's gonna work? Teamwork!

What’s gonna work? Teamwork!

I didn’t give this much thought until recently when we were preparing for a trip up north. The trip is Saturday but as early as Monday, Yui already had a bagful of toys ready. These are what she would bring to Pangasinan and even if she would play with the toys, she would always put them back to that bag. Yui kept on reminding us that this is her toy bag and she would bring this to Pangasinan and that we should never forget this. Two nights before the trip, she reminded me again that she already has her toys ready. Then I asked,

Mommy: “But what about your  clothes? Have you packed them already?”

Yui: “No mommy, you will be the one to pack it. I pack the toys, you pack the clothes, daddy will drive. We’ll have teamwork. Because we’re a team, mommy”

Wow. I was caught off guard again. Here’s my 3 year old talking about teamwork, when some adults don’t even seem to know what the word is. 😛

And so I packed our clothes. Coz we’re a team. 🙂

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