On Financial Awareness

Yui may still be too young to count money but we think it’s never too late to teach her the value of it. Ever since she was little we made it a point not to spoil her with toys and other unnecessary things. Lately we would occasionally window shop at a local toy store and every time Yui points at a toy I would say that it’s too expensive. She would move on and content herself in looking at the other toys then watch video clips of these toys in Youtube when we get home. Thankfully, she doesn’t throw tantrums when she don’t get what she wants. We just explain that these are too expensive and that we don’t have budget to buy.

I was pleasantly surprised then that she took this learning in other things and not just with toys.


Yui-ism #1:

Since the start of the year, she would tell us that she wanted to have a birthday party at Burger King (because she loves the playground at the BK near our house). One time we talked to her and told her that we couldn’t afford a BK party. She would have to pick a cheaper place to celebrate. The next day, she told us that she wants to have her birthday at McDonald’s. When we asked why, she said because Burger King is too expensive. Haha! Fast learner 😛

Yui-ism #2:

I recently bought her a new rash guard for our upcoming beach outings. I wanted a long-sleeved one and she wanted Dora. Good thing there was something that fits both our requirements. However, it is somewhat costly, same as an adult’s swimwear. She knew it was “expensive” so she was thrilled to have it and said she would take care of it.

Yui-ism #3:

Sometimes we would make homemade jelly made from gelatin mix we buy from the grocery. One night Yui was looking at the ice tray which we use to mold the gelatin and she said, “Mommy, when we have enough money can we buy gelatin so we can make jellies?” That’s really when I thought that this girl is now used to not having everything she wants.

I hope we’re on the right track… 🙂

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