My Big 31st Surprise!

I didn’t plan anything special for my birthday this year. I don’t know why but I just didn’t get all giddy to plan something. I spent the day mostly at home responding to greetings in facebook and reading some work e-mails (loser much!). Daddy Bunny had to go to work that day since they have an expat visitor and he can’t take the day off. Maybe that’s also the reason why I didn’t feel like planning anything special.

I was determined to let the day pass like a normal day when Daddy Bunny turned it around. We’re not the type to give gifts to each other on birthdays and he’s not the cheesy-romantic type either, so imagine my surprise when I saw this greeting on my facebook timeline:


As simple as it is, this video made my birthday so much special. ‘Coz a girl doesn’t get serenaded with a violin too often, right? ♥


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