Things I’m Grateful For: Feel Good Friday Edition

I just read an article from Mashable about Patrick Stewart’s Heartfelt Response to Domestic Violence. Linking to it is the tumblr post of Heather Skye, the girl who asked Sir Patrick Stewart the question.

For some reason, I was all tears when I was reading both posts. Not just the teary eyed type but tears actually flowed. I don’t know why I was deeply affected, I didn’t know any of them personally nor was I a victim of domestic violence.

I guess part of me was just grateful that I don’t have to endure the same trauma in my life. Not me, my mother or anyone close to me. These posts reminded me that there are a lot of things I should be grateful for:

I may have witnessed marital problems between my parents, but I’m thankful that they don’t get violent to each other. And that at the end of the day, the still have that respect to each other.

I may have experienced some petty disagreements with my husband, but I’m thankful for having a very understanding partner. Someone who loves and values our family.

I may have seen my friends get brokenhearted, but I’m thankful that they discover these guys are jerks before they even endure physical pain.

I may have felt injustice within the office, but I’m thankful that these are mostly on performance matters and nothing violent at all.

We often feel that our lives are so problematic: we don’t earn enough, we don’t travel enough, we don’t have a fancy house, we don’t have enough cool friends… But come to think of it, these are NOTHING as compared to the problems and the hurt that some people, some women, endure every day of their effin’ lives.

So the next time we feel alone, remember that there are people willing to help. And that we should be grateful to be alive, healthy and safe. At the same time, be nice to others and smile more often. You’ll never know if the person you’re smiling at is experiencing pain from violence. A simple gesture goes a long way in making someone feel better.

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