Happy 3 Years!

This month marks my blog’s third year anniversary. I wouldn’t have remembered if WordPress did not greet me. 🙂

Lucky Three! :)

Lucky Three! 🙂

Wow, I can’t believe I lasted this long (I think this is the longest blog I’ve kept). I’ve posted a lot of personal thoughts, adventures and Yui stories in this blog, but to commemorate my third anniversary, here’s my top 3 most favorite posts.

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Things That Make Me Smile: Family and Reunions

In this edition of the TTMMS (things that make me smile), I would like to show some photos from recent reunions between family and friends…


At Sage’s baptism: all mommies and babies in our barkada are present. And we’re so happy to know that our dear friend Leslie is expecting! More babies! Yey!

Mommies and Babies

Mommies are babies’ first BFF 🙂

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