Kiddie Kist Christmas Box: Potpourri Card

Last week was crazy in the household. It was Yui’s exam week and we’ve got tons of cupcake orders. That’s why we didn’t get a chance to have some Kiddie Kist time. Since it’s already school vacation this week, we finally get to have some time for arts and crafts. The second activity in the December Kiddie Kist box is the Potpourri Christmas Card, which was really nostalgic for me. I remember during my younger years before Photobooths became hip and popular, giveaways on birthday parties and weddings are potpourri bottles. I don’t know how they were so popular back then but I remember having a huge collection in my boarding house. So it was cool for Kiddie Kist to introduce potpourri to the younger generation. 🙂

We opened the box and the potpourri Christmas card pack, read the online instructions and got to work. Here’s Yui’s step-by-step guide to making a Potpourri Christmas Card (click on the gallery for detailed instructions.)

Yui picked the option to display the potpourri bundle in the front of the card instead of the tulle. Which makes sense because it is sort of difficult to “close” the card with the huge bundle inside. We just added another step to tape the tulle in the inside flap so that the potpourri bundle will not fall off.

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