Chronicles of a Work at Home Mom

Okay, so technically I’m not really a work at home mom. Not permanently anyways. Every once in a while, my mom would go home to the province and I would have to ask permission from my ever understanding boss (oh, hi boss!) to work from home since we don’t have a nanny. These are the days I enjoy the most – being able to spend the whole day with Yui and feel like a traditional housewife. But with the added pressure of work and colleagues pinging me every now and then. Hence, the work at home mom.

I don’t know what about it this time though because only 2 days in and I feel like crashing. With an upcoming major Production deployment on Friday, office budget woes, resources on emergency leaves and Yui’s advance finals next week, it has just been a whirlwind of activities! But instead of ranting about how hectic it has been for the past 2 days and I can only imagine for the next 3 days as well, I would like to focus on what makes this setup extra special and why I would pick this over anything else right now.

Basically, my life this week can be summed up into these things:

All set: lappy, headset, reviewers

All set: lappy, headset, reviewers

I’ve started to find a routine wherein I’ve injected Yui’s activities into my work schedule. The laptop is open bright and early, have to rest for when Yui have to study, eat and brought to bed, then off to work again until the wee hours of the night. It’s not ideal but it gets the work done. 

Funny how a couple of weeks ago I was snickering at my former boss for using a bluetooth headset for a meeting and asked him what the heck does he need that for (yeah, when you don’t have money to buy what they have just poke fun at them). But I remembered him and his headset this morning when my meeting was running until lunch time and I have yet to cook our lunch. Now how I wish I have those bluetooth headset so I can cook and attend the meeting at the same time! Anyways, good thing there are pantry staples that enabled me to cook our lunch in a jiffy. Lunch is served! With a dash of goofing around on the side. Ah, good times.


Sauté onion, garlic, pork, carrots, potatoes. Add tomato sauce and water. Viola! Lunch!

Goofy girls

Lunch this fun can only be found at home

In between afternoon meetings, I have to set aside time for Yui’s reviews. She’s a candidate for academic award in Math and English so instead of having just short quizzes in the coming days, she has her advance finals next Monday already. We have to review topics that haven’t been discussed in school. Good thing she’s a fast learner. And I just learned that teaching her to tell time is fun! 

Telling time

Time Space Warp… ngayon din!

She’s also improved a lot in her Math skills and can add and subtract faster compared to last week. Coolness! I also feel that I earned a mommy tutor badge just for that. 😛


Answered in a flash..without arguments! Whatta feat!

All these office and mommy duties are surely keeping my plates full but being with this funny, noisy, and one of a kind little girl makes it all worth it.

Funny girl

My little funny girl

She sure is one of a kind but not when it comes to clothes. Haha! 😉

Terno with her playmate. Fashionista girls!

Terno with her playmate. Fashionista girls!

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