Hopping on the IHOP bandwagon

After several failed plans to try out IHOP, I was able to finally go to the restaurant after a morning run with my friends.


It was everyone’s first time so we spent quite some time to choose our orders. Some of us have been to the IHOP in the US so they’ve got expectations already. After internal debates if we’ll get french toast or pancakes, we got the best of both worlds in the Split Decision Breakfast.

Split Decision Breakfast

Split Decision Breakfast for the HUNGRY!

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Knock knock…Who’s there?

This might not be as funny as experiencing it first hand but I just had to chronicle for future reference. I still can’t stop laughing at Yui’s sense of humor. She really got me in her knock knock joke earlier so please bear with me as I share..

Scene: Yui and I doing some artwork on the floor when I saw the glitter glue

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