Knock knock…Who’s there?

This might not be as funny as experiencing it first hand but I just had to chronicle for future reference. I still can’t stop laughing at Yui’s sense of humor. She really got me in her knock knock joke earlier so please bear with me as I share..

Scene: Yui and I doing some artwork on the floor when I saw the glitter glue



Mommy: knock knock
Yui: Who’s there?
M: glitter glue (while holding it up)
Y: glitter glue who?
M: *sings* glitter glue, glitter glue…I’m one with the wind and skyyyyyy *goes on to laugh at my own joke while Yui grabbed the glue from me and went…*

Y: knock knock
M: who’s there?
Y: glitter glue marker (aba, competitive. She added marker pa) while holding the glue
M: glitter glue who?
Y: glitter glue, glitter glue… I’m one with the wind and skyyyyyy
M: oh, where’s the marker?
Y: here oh! (showing the marker to me) *ultimate LOL moment* tugsdugudug!

I know this post doesn’t do justice at how funny the moment was and the precious look on her face like she just one upped me on that joke. I died laughing. That kid.

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