Yui’s 7th Birthday: Tangled Party

For her 7th birthday, Yui wanted a party so she can celebrate with her friends. At first she wanted a Minecraft themed party, then changed her mind and wanted Descendants instead. I was already searching the net for ideas when she asked if she can change it again. I told her that as long as we haven’t started the actual preparations, she still can. Her third, and thankfully the last, theme is Tangled – the Rapunzel movie. I got excited as well since I LOVED that movie too! I immediately told my friends Rog, Wendy and Ivy so we can start the preps. We spent two months for the planning, Divi shopping, and DIY-ing the decorations and other items for the party. Complete with a detailed workplan, help from other friends and our hyper-mode excitement, we were able to pull our DIY event styling.

Our DIY moments

Here are the things that we DIY’ed for the little girl’s party. (Apologies for the long post, I just wanted to chronicle our labor of love ❤ hehe!)


Pulled out my Photoshop skills to create her invite. Since we’re digital, go green and all, this wasn’t printed anymore but was just posted in the FB event


Created 40 of these lanterns in 3 weeks


We braided 20 of these yellow yarn, glued them on headbands and decorated with flowers


The welcome sign board. Wood work by Rog


The lanterns and sun bunting that we hang in the ceiling. Wendy cut 150 suns and glued them on the bunting in 2 months


Our venue, Casa Camba, was transformed into Rapunzel’s kingdom


Daddy Melvin hand-painted the cover of Yui’s guestbook


Tower window by Daddy Melvin and Rapunzel braid by Mommy Ena. It took 6 hours to finish this braid! #NotDoingItAgainHaha


We hung 50 of these WANTED FLYNN posters all around the place, which we used for the treasure hunt during the games


Pascal party blowers. Since we can’t find ready-made blowers in Divi, I did these blowers after watching a how-to video in YT


We opted for art materials for the loot bags since Rapunzel loves to paint ❤


Even the cake and the dessert buffet are all DIY. Of course, my dear mom baked Yui’s cake. It was yummy as usual! Then Rog designed our dessert buffet with goodies that I bought from my trusted baking supplies shop. 🙂


We bought a Php40 tree branch in Divi, which we decorated with lanterns and used as backdrop for the cake


Grandma Ethel’s cake. Yum! ❤


Cake topper up close


Dessert buffet station


One of the animal chocolates. These lady bugs are so cute! Bought these per kilo at the baking store


Grandma Ethel’s mini cupcakes


Lots of mini choco cupcakes!


Marshmallows. You can never go wrong with mallows 🙂


The birthday girl at the dessert station


Our Suppliers

Yui’s #1 request is to have inflatables (bouncy bouncy) at her party. This prompted us to find for a bigger venue but it was totally worth it! I rented the bounce castle from Smile Party Events & Balloon Decor, which I first saw in olx then contacted thru FB. The kids had 4 hours non-stop playtime at the bounce castle. If there’s anything that you want to be a sure hit at kiddie parties, I’ll vote for inflatables!


Bounce Castle from Smile Party Events & Balloons

Our other supplier was G2Photography for the photo booth and official photos. I got them primarily because of the photo strip layout. It was a breeze doing business with Sir Gerald. He was accommodating on my feedback on the photo strip layout and responds timely on questions.


Yui’s photo strip from G2 Photography

We also had a hair & makeup salon, c/o Christabel Santiago, sister of Yui’s Home Room teacher. It was a blast – both for the kids and kids at heart!

Lastly, the venue we got is Casa Camba at New Manila. I stumbled upon them in google while searching for venue near our place. I went to see the place and fell in love with it immediately as it fits with the Tangled theme. I read some negative feedback online but there were also more good ones so I took the risk, and I wasn’t disappointed. The head waiter that attended to us that day was great too. He was very much attentive to our needs all throughout the party.

Overall, we are satisfied with our suppliers as they helped make Yui’s party a success! 🙂


Happy Birthday Princess! ❤


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