Tales of A Family Drayber: Driver’s License Renewal at LTO Pasig

Having to deal with government offices here in the Philippines is challenging, to say the least. It’s one of the errands that I personally don’t look forward to or try to avoid as much as I can. That’s why I’ve been dreading having to renew my driver’s license. What with all the horror stories I read online such as waiting for 3-6 hours just to complete the transaction and getting just the receipt in the end. Yes, one piece of paper instead of the driver’s license card.

I tried to hold off my trip to the LTO. But it sort of had me “trapped” at home with nowhere to drive to, and it’s not good for a lakwatsera like me. So I literally dragged myself to LTO to get it done. I originally planned to renew my license at SM North Edsa but upon doing more research I found out that there’s a District office near my where I work. So this morning, I just dropped my things at my office, took a 10-minute cab ride and arrived at LTO Pasig.

Since I read horror stories, I prepared myself for the worse. Imagine my surprise when I was proven wrong by LTO Pasig. I finished the entire process in less than 30 minutes. I arrived around 8:30 AM and was done before 9:00 AM. Awesome! Here’s my step by step process:

1. Inquired at the public service desk on what to do. This is where he told me “ma’am we don’t have plastic cards right now” (owkay, like I can do anything about it. So, moving on…)

2. Mr. Public Service told me to go to Halili Hall for the medical certification. Here I paid Php 200 for my eye exam. After that I went back to Mr. Public Service and asked about the next step. He stapled my old card into the medical certificate and a renewal form with a number (which didn’t have any use for me at all)

3. I proceeded to Window 2 where the evaluator just got my papers upon seeing me there. Okay, no waiting time. Cool! He then asked me to proceed to window 7.

4. Window 7 is hidden on the side of Window 6, which isn’t visible from the row of windows. Really, I had to go around several times before I gave up and asked Mr. Evaluator.

5. In Window 7, this is where I waited. It was only about 10 minutes, so I didn’t mind. After the photo/sig step, Mr. Photographer asked me to pay at the cashier.

6. The cashier is not really visible from Window 7 so I had to ask Mr. Public Service again. He then asked me to line up with the people sitting in front of the Cashier window. I paid for the renewal fees and then went to the last step.

7. At Window 5, Mr. Releasing told me to call or come back around August to get the license card. Booo!

8. After here and prior to going back to work, I passed by Mr. Public Service’s desk and thank him for a hassle-free experience. Well, technically having no card is hassle but, meh, I was done so I’m not complaining.

Now to those who are still dreading license renewal, I suggest you renew at LTO Pasig. You just might have a pleasant experience. Surprise! Surprise!

LTO Pasig is at Shaw Blvd, Pasig, Metro Manila. It is very near Ynares Center and Capitol Commons.

Tel. No.: 636-5770

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