Batanes: Nanay Cita’s Homestay

As the Batanes tourism flourished, homestays also became more popular as a cheaper option to hotels. It is also a great way for tourists to get to know the locals and interact with them closer.

When doing our research online, most blogs mentioned either Marfel’s or Nanay Cita as budget lodging options. We decided to book at Palangud Inn a.k.a. Nanay Cita’s homestay. She’s also more commonly called Nana Cita in different online forums and blogs. I contacted Nana Cita via text few months before our trip. She confirmed that there’s available room and didn’t even require any deposit. Despite the limited telecom signal in Basco, we were still able to communicate with her without issues especially when we told her that our flight got cancelled. She adjusted our reservations without any hesitation.

When we arrived at the Basco airport, kuya Dave fetched us and brought us to Nana Cita’s where we checked in at Room 3. Our room has one double bed, one single bed, a sofabed, dining table, kitchen with gas stove, 5 gallons water dispenser and complete cooking utensils, aircon, and tv set. Nana Cita also gave us rice to cook which was enough for 4 meals we had at home during our 6 days stay.

Welcome to Palangud Inn

Welcome to Palangud Inn a.k.a. Nanay Cita’s Homestay

Nana Cita Homestay Room 3

Our cozy beds at Nana Cita’s homestay

Kitchen and Dining area

Kitchen and Dining area


For Php 1,500 per night, it was definitely worth it given all the inclusions in the room. She even gave us Php 500 discount when we paid for our lodging! Since we don’t get data signal in our room, the TV was our best friend. We experienced a bad case of earworm or Last Song Syndrome (LSS) to Milo’s Beat the Energy Gap commercial. We were literally singing that jingle the entire December. LOL!

Nana Cita also helped us book our Sabtang, North and South Batan tours which was a big help since we got them cheaper than other tour packages at the airport. I would definitely recommend Nana Cita’s homestay in Basco for when you plan to visit Batanes. 🙂

With Nana Cita

With Nana Cita

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