Our Little Artist

As the saying goes, “Every child is an artist.” If we observe our children, all of them doodles and draws as soon as they learn how to use a pencil or a crayon. Even with a lot of notebooks, sketch pads and loose paper, children would sometimes draw and paint on walls, tables or anything that resembles a canvass. As parents, we would want to encourage our little ones to express themselves through various medium of art.

One of the bonding moments of daddy and Yui is to paint. Apart from enhancing her drawing and painting skills, it is also a way for them to have some quality time. Normally, Yui would start and paint whatever she feels at the moment, then daddy would do the finishing touches. Here are some of the paintings that they have completed so far. Sharing it here for us to be able to look back to in the future and also because I’m amazed at how much she’s better than me at painting LOL!

Person Crossing the Street

Her first painting which she calls, “Person Crossing the Street”

Victoria Towers Raining Hearts with Mommy Eating Ube Ice Cream

“Victoria Towers Raining Hearts with Mommy Eating Ube Ice Cream” — LOL haba ng title ^_^

The Airplane version of Flappy Bird

“The Airplane version of Flappy Bird”



Harry Potter

“Harry Potter”

Squiddy and Stampy Under the Sea

“Squiddy and Stampy Under the Sea”, her latest creation and tribute to her favorite Youtubers

Hopefully her love of painting will continue even as she grows old and she will keep on expressing herself through art. =)

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