Motivation Week

Two weeks ago, I had an extremely toxic week at work ending it with an unplanned weekend deployment. I wasn’t really looking forward to the coming week but then as I was cleaning up on Sunday night and preparing for the work week, I saw that Yui has written a quote on her little whiteboard that says:

At first, I found it cute how she decorated the quote and then I realized that it was kind of timely to encourage me for the next day. I realized that despite being on a “cloud” and having a gloomy day, if I try to be a rainbow then I may help someone else’s cloud too. And by looking around me, I saw others are there to be my rainbow as well.

I told Yui how I liked her quote and asked her where did she get the “rainbow” quote. Apparently she just saw it on one of the paper bags from a quirky store. Who knew we can get motivation from a paper bag, right? I told her she can use the board to write a quote of the day. Later that day, she wrote another one:

This one, as she shared later, came from a quote that Professor Lupin said in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Again, I  was moved because of how this little quote is something we can definitely relate to in real life. I remember how a colleague said she’s “getting nosebleed” (Pinoy slang for running out of english) when speaking to our US counterpart, but then she recently started speaking more confidently and said she’s overcoming her fear by just…speaking. So when we do not let the fear consume us, we lose what we fear the most and we can shine!

On Tuesday night, something happened that got me and some colleagues all fired up, staying until about 2am to support a highly visible event, and then dealing with some housekeeping cleanup the next day. It was not a good night but on Wednesday I saw that Yui wrote this and I was stunned:

It was perfect timing for how I was feeling that day. And it took just this to lift up my mood. I always say, “today is another day” but this sums up everything. Truly, what happened yesterday (or last night) no longer matters. What’s important is we pick ourselves up and fight another day towards our goals.

The last one for the week looks more like an afterthought as it shares the space with her k-pop stuff. Hehe! 😄

Again, this one hit me hard on the spot. I was procrastinating one important task for several weeks already but I know sooner or later I have to face it or suffer the wrath of missed deadlines or sleepless nights. Seeing this quote, I knew it was the push I needed. I started working on it and got significant progress last Friday.

The last two were inspirational quotes that Yui wrote in one of her assignments before. I dunno about this girl but she picked a rather great selection of quotes last week.

As parents, it is our job to teach our kids about life and how to grow independently and survive in this world. Not only that, as  parents, it is also our job to listen to our kids and learn from them. Like what happened to me this week, my kid showed me through her work how I can better survive in this toxic, pressure-laden world. 😊

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