Tales of a Commuter: A Day in the Life

People close to me knows that I prefer commuting to work rather than drive. I’ve spent some number of years driving to and from work but it eventually got the better of me especially with the daily EDSA traffic ranging from bad to forever. I’m an advocate of commuting mainly due to more personal benefits:

  1. It allows me to work while in transit (read my e-mails and join conference calls) which is one thing that I can’t do if I drive (yes I can join calls but it gets distracting)
  2. I get some form of exercise. For someone who spend long hours sitting in front of a desk, going up and down the MRT stairs is the closest I can get to a cardio routine.
  3. One less car to add to EDSA traffic
  4. Less pollution
  5. More time for Kdrama, Jdorama and “research”

Lately though, the MRT has been deteriorating as days go by. From 17-19 trains running in the morning last year to 8-9 this year. We’re lucky if we get 10. I’m trying different ways to cope and is really close to giving up on the MRT. But before I do, I wanted to chronicle how a typical QC commuter spends hours just going to work. Tipong wala ka pa sa office, pagod ka na. 😅

My morning routine includes checking Twitter to see how many trains are running and the queue at the stations. This determines what time I will try my luck to commute.

So if it’s like 8-9 trains and I see this queue in the @dotcmrt3 feed, I would normally get some work at home first then travel after the rush hour, around 9-10am. Sometimes I get unfortunate and still spend up to 2 hours in transit. Sometimes I get lucky and be in the office in less than an hour. Russian roulette pegs.

From the house, I walk for about 2 minutes to get to my friendly tropang kuya tricycle. Suki na nila ako 😂

Lowered daw para aerodynamic >_<

Scenic view 😂

After a short ride, I arrive at the station and  queue. This is where the “magic” happens. It’s a surprise everyday since I wouldn’t really know how long it is by the time I’m there. I once experienced queueing until ABS-CBN in the summer heat #sadlayp

Today was actually a good day. The queue isn’t that long. Yeah, it’s only until the foot of the stairs. No biggie. 😂

Stop entry nga lang so waiting game.

Good thing the line moved after about 10 minutes. Look at the bright side, ika nga.

There’s also a rather peculiar experience today as I saw some maintenance guys in the platform, which is not a regular sight.

They were visually checking the tracks. I don’t know if I will feel relieved (that they are checking it finally) or be scared (because there might be a breakdown soon and I end up walking along those tracks.) Good thing nothing bad happened.

I was able to finally get on the train after about 30mins from first queueing. See, not that bad, eh!? 😂

If I’m alone, I would ride the women’s car and go all the way inside. This is my normal view.

As I mentioned, I would normally work already while in transit so like today, I was able to join two conference calls during the train ride. Ubos battery life but hey, it works!

From the train station, I would walk for about 10 minutes to the office then resume regular operations.

So there you have it. A typical day in the life of a commuter. That’s about it most of the time. Wash, rinse, repeat cycle.

I look forward to the day when we get consistently good public transit service and arrive at work fresh and early. One can dream, right? 😆

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