UST HS Batch 98: 20th Reunion

About a year ago, our batch high school student council president published a poll to set a date for our batch reunion since 2018 marks 20 years after we graduated high school. When I answered the survey, scenes from the movie “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” entered my mind. I wondered how it will feel to go to the reunion and if someone will say, “We invented post-its!”

Fast forward to 2018, our dedicated batchmates who organized the event gathered a hundred or so of our batch for the reunion. It was such a memorable night! 😍

Gorgeous setup


Table centerpiece


There were raffle prizes sponsored by our batchmates and although one can only win once, I ended up going home with several πŸ˜‚

My legit prize. I won this awesome 20th year Starbucks tumbler. So, SB pala was introduced in the Philippines on the year we graduated.

Dove goodies sponsored by Dr. Wilsie. Got the Dove box set from Randy (akin na lang daw) and the body wash from someone who left it at the venue. Binigay sa amin ng staff coz they’re closing us out already. Nobody in the group owned it and wanted it, so “tibs pwera bawi” πŸ˜‚

My friend won this and although I didn’t end up bringing this home, putting this photo here because…. *drool*


There was an open bar and people started drinking way before dinner (proof that we’re no longer high schoolers). There’s also a game where the boys showed off their beer drinking skills.

Can you guess from this photo who won the game? 😊

One of the highlights for me was the quiz bee game. There were a lot of questions about pop culture during our hs years like “From what tv show did the song “I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over” came from”, where I literally “kyaaaaah”ed and gushed “Dawson’s Creek!” immediately. Oh my heart! 😍 There were also questions about lessons like “Sinong ka-love team ni Aladin sa Florante at Laura?” And no, it wasn’t Princess Jasmine. Amazingly, people still remembers. Awesome! In the quiz game, every group gets three special cards which they can use anytime:

Block – to block another table’s answer so they don’t get a point. Useful for tie breaking and just pissing off others haha!

Shot – have everyone in the selected table take a shot. I don’t remember anyone used this card though (maybe because everyone was drinking anyways)

Copy – technically just being your old self. Kopya ka sagot ng katabi ganun.

There was also the party favorite photobooth which was a hit as usual. A lot of groups took advantage of this: classmates nung 4th year and even other years, barkada, and even with teachers.

Photo magnets 😍


There were video presentations also. One was a tribute to our batchmates and teachers who already passed away and another was our batch avp presenting highlights and photos consolidated from everyone. It was so nostalgic seeing all these photos and there were even comments like, “oy, may picture pala tayo nung retreat together?! Haha”

Daming pictures. Daming memories.


Another highlight was the gigantic Estrel’s caramel cake. When the buffet opened, some people were already asking if it’s okay to slice the cake. Takam na takam na. Pramis hindi po ako yun! Hahaha!

Who wouldn’t drool for this cake? Hello, diabetes!

When the program concluded, a classmate asked if we can cut the cake already since people are starting to go home. We ended up being the first to cut the cake. Pramis napilitan lang po ako! LOL!

OMG, caught in the act! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

The official program ended with lots of picture taking. We were hopping from one group to another, mindless of who owns the camera and aasa na lang sa tag. Haha!

One of the group photos

Some of us stayed at the venue just catching up with each other’s lives until the staff literally kicked us out. That’s when we transferred to the after party and went to a ktv bar. I left at around 2am but the others went home early…. early in the morning, around 10am early. LOL!

All in all, it was a great night! I know the organizers had a lot of challenges in making this event possible but in the end, their perseverance, fortitude, prudence and integrity (ika nga ni Love πŸ˜†) made this reunion a HUGE SUCCESS! Viva Tomasino!

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